Pécs - Ars GEometrica 2009

3rd International Convention and Workshop
2009. June 18-21
Pécs - Hungary, Europe


Creativity and Innovation
Interactions and Border Crossings in Art and Science


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18 June
19 June
20 June
21 June


The Pécs - Ars GEometrica (PAGE) programme would like to draw attention to borderline cultural phenomena that promote the development of creative thinking, intellectual curiosity together with aesthetic sensibilities. PAGE establishes connections between various forms of knowledge and methods that promote artistic and scientific achievements, and between cultural patterns of different types and uses.

PAGE presents the interplay between art and science in terms of opening - with regard to freedom of research and self-expression. Its aim is to evoke the traditional and contemporary values of art and science to become vivid community values.

God_the_Geometer.jpgOur presenters and participants from various fields of scientific disciplines and arts are internationally renowned. Our program includes conference lectures, presentations, exhibitions, workshops, concerts, light art objects, films, interactive games and much more. Some of the artworks, made by the students of the 'Interactions and Border Crossings in Art and Science' course - held at the Pécs University Faculty of Fine Arts by Csaba Hegyi, DLA (Pécs University) and Kristóf Fenyvesi (Jyvaskyla University) -, will be introduced also in the framework of PAGE 2009.

PAGE means Art, Science and Innovation in the school, in the exhibition hall and out in the open air.

PAGE 2009 is the official event of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation announced by the European Union and of the series of events preparatory to the Bridges Pécs 2010 - European Capital of Culture World Conference - Mathematical Connections in Art, Music and Science.

Professional Partner: Pécs University, DLA School of Faculty of Fine Arts

Organized as the event of Pécs2010 - European Capital of Culture program, with the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture.

Turn a PAGE and Come to Pécs!

Join us in Pécs (Hungary), the forthcoming European Capital of Culture!


The full audio and visual documentation of Previous PAGEs:

  • PAGE 2008 'Structure and Environment' - (Pécs, 2008 June 18-21)
  • PAGE 2007 'Ideas and Forms in Art and Science' - (Pécs, 2007 June 16-18)

Our Participants in 2007, 2008 ...

ABSTRACT Theatre / ANDORKA Eszter, Hungary / BAJKAY Éva, Hungary / BAKOS Katalin, Hungary / Walt van BALLEGOOIJEN, The Netherlands / Jay BONNER, USA / BÖSZÖRMÉNYI István, Hungary / BARACSKAI Zlatko, Hungary / BEKE László, Hungary / BÉKÉS Rozi, Hungary / BUDBUDAS Band, Hungary / Amina BUHLER-ALLEN, USA / Jean-Marc CASTERA, France / Jaildo Marinho De COSTA, Brasil / CSÁJI Attila, Hungary / CSEREPES Ipomea and Szalóki Ági Microworld Music Band, Hungary / DÁRDAI Zsuzsa, Hungary / DARVAS György, Hungary / Eray DÜZGÜNSOY, Turkey / ERDÉLY Dániel, Hungary / ERNYEY Gyula, Hungary / FAJÓ János, Hungary /  FEKETE Zsombor, Hungary / FENYVESI Kristóf, Hungary-Finland / FODOR Pál, Hungary / FRIED Katalin, Hungary / Paul GAILIUNAS, Great Britain / GÓBI Rita Dance Company, Hungary / GONDOS Gábor, Hungary / Cristiana GRIGORESCU, Romania-France / HAVASRÉTI József, Hungary / HORNYIK Sándor, Hungary / HORTOBÁGYI László, Hungary / HORVÁTH Viktor, Hungary / Muhammed Fakih KADEMOĞLU, Turkey / Satu KÄHKÖNEN, Finland / Craig S. KAPLAN, Canada / ILONA KESERÜ Ilona, Hungary / KIRÁLY Judit, Hungary / KISMÁNYOKY Károly, Hungary / Ferhan KIZILTEPE, Turkey / Vyacheslav KOLEYCHUK, Russia / Tuuli LÄHDESMÄKI, Finland / LANTOS Ferenc, Hungary / LÉNÁRT István, Hungary / MÉHES Márton, Hungary / MENGYÁN András, Hungary / MÉRŐ László, Hungary / NIEDERMÜLLER Péter, Hungary / OPENAIR band, Hungary / OROSZ István, Hungary / RECHNITZER János, Hungary / Rinus ROELOFS, The Netherlands / Reza SARHANGI, USA / SAXON SZÁSZ János, Hungary / STETTNER Eleonóra, Hungary /  SZILASSI Lajos, Hungary / SZŐKE Annamária, Hungary / TOTAL Theatre, Russia / TÜNET Együttes - Szabó Réka Dance Company, Hungary /  VÁRKONYI György, Hungary /  VIDOVSZKY László, Hungary / WEBER Kristóf, Hungary


Pécs Ars GEometrica:
Creativity, game and innovation in the school, in the exhibition hall and out in the open air

Programme Information: 
Kristóf Fenyvesi 

Pécs Cultural Centre

H-7621, Hungary, PécsSzínház tér 2
tel./fax: +36-72-510-644






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